Immortal Revenge

I always used to dream be young forever,
And in this endless life be together.
But now you´re gone,
With everyone,
And I still go be here alone,
For ever and ever.
you promise always take care of me,
You swore until the end being here,
And the end never comes,
and you never return,
And pass the time,
With it being the centurys ago,
Becoming my name in ash and wind,
Only like a memory,
In the shadows of the shadows,
Were darkness and the light dont come,
Be only with the loneliness,
The tears and a breaking heart,
Alone, afraid to love,
Because I start to know you never go be back,
I never go back, I never want to love.
I can´t life, I can´t love, I can´t dye.
But exist something I can do,
And is fingt you.
But this time, not for love,
just for repay  what your gave me,
With the same coin you used to use,
Just to take revenge.
No, is not revenge,
is just what you deserve,
For say you love me,
And let me to the shadows that gnawed at me,
Thinkin I be death,
But don´t forget something,
I´m immortal,
I make you  who you are,
And I´m the only one who can put you down.

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